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The 5/30/13 USCIS EB-5 Adjudications Memorandum: What it Means to Investors

A review of the USCIS' groundbreaking May 30, 2013 EB-5 Adjudications Memorandum in terms of its consequences to immigrant investors.

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EB-5 Regional Center Fraud: Who’s to Blame?

A review of recent EB-5 scandals.

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Report from Jay Peak

Report of my trip to Jay Peak Resort to review its EB-5 projects and investigate merit (or lack thereof) of charges made by Rapid USA Visas against Jay Peak Resort.

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USCIS Removes Contact Information from its List of Regional Centers

A consderation of why the USCIS removed contact data such as telephone number, emails addresses, contact person, etc. from it's list of approved regional centers on the web.

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Experienced Regional Centers Always the Best?

This article evaluates the importance of the regional center's history of successful immigration petitions filed when selecting a suitable EB-5 Pilot Program investment.

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Equity or Loan-based Regional Center Project: Which is Best?

Today we start a series of postings designed to help the EB-5 investor understand some of the key characteristics and variables at issue in regonal center selection. The first topic, below, looks at the pluses and minuses of an equity-based regional center investment compared to a loan-based investment.

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