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Firm Philosophy

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First, Qualify the Client


Our firm has had clients who looked like good matches for the EB-5 program, but once we dug deep into their personal and business circumstances, we realized that an L-1A or E-2 visa was a better visa for the client. We urge anyone considering an EB-5 visa to first review their suitability for the visa with an experienced U.S. immigration attorney before moving to the selection of a Regional Center.

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No charge for Regional Center Selection Service


We include EB-5 project selection services at no extra charge through our sister firm, EB-5 Analytics

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Integrated Legal and Financial Insight


Financial insight is not enough to evaluate a regional center. The legal issues are just as important as the financial issues. I don’t think you would be too happy to get your money back someday from a regional center project but find out that the center hadn’t properly managed the job creation requirements of the EB-5 visa or the prohibition against “material change” (two of the most complex and vexing issues in immigration law, even for top EB-5 attorneys), and, so, we’re terribly sorry, but you and your family have 120 days to depart the U.S.

The EB-5 visa is widely regarded as one of the most complex areas in all of U.S. immigration law. Many issues are unsettled and require the judgment of an experienced immigration attorney. The law is evolving, too, and so requires acute attention to the latest trends in USCIS adjudication standards. What’s more, the legal and financial issues are inextricably intertwined, so over-reliance on outside sources or second-hand legal opinions can lead to incomplete or outdated judgments about the centers. That’s why John Roth has dedicated his EB-5 practice to the mastery of both the legal and financial issues so as to give our firm’s clients the best possible real-time advice when evaluating the centers.

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Center Selection through Education

EB-5 investors are typically sophisticated, experienced and successful businessmen, with capable and effective advisors. Their main difficulty when confronting the EB-5 Regional Centers is the sheer number of centers, the newness of the subject matter, and lack of an analytical framework for evaluating the centers. We have found that our EB-5 clients do not need us to decide which is the best center to achieve their financial and immigration needs. Rather, they need a counselor to act as an educator and information manager to help them develop an increasingly sophisticated understanding of the centers and the legal environment in which they operate.

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Just the Facts


You’ll notice that we don’t waste your time by telling them how great we are on this web site. Instead, we provide you with our credentials, and with the facts about the Regional Centers, so that you can see for yourself some of our research on EB-5 Regional Centers. Once you retain us, we will provide you more facts and research until you achieve a level of mastery over the subject matter sufficient to pick the center that best meets your goals.

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We have no special relationship with any regional center. We don’t accept any incentive designed to encourage us to pick one center over another. We don’t get too familiar with the Centers or their personnel, either. Our job is to get the facts, not to listen to sales pitches.

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Free Initial Consultation


Our office is located in New York City, the largest and most travelled city in the U.S. We encourage clients to meet us in person while in New York. If the client can’t visit us in Manhattan, we can do a video chat through Skype, and use regular telephone, email and fax.

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Personal Service

Everyone can rely on John Roth to be completely familiar with the legal and financial nuances of the EB-5 visa, as well as with the subtle intersections between the two fields. All of our EB-5 clients get John’s personal cell phone number. E-mails to our firm are answered promptly. The case moves forward without interruption or delay.

We accept no more than five EB-5 clients per month to make sure that we have enough time to give superb service to all of our clients.

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SEC Registration: Protecting the Investor

The securities laws of the United States protect investors from dishonest or incompetent sellers of stocks, bonds, as well as investments in any type of “direct participation program” (which includes limited partnership and limited liability company projects offered by EB-5 regional centers). Read More

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